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JIEEME Ladies Winter Zip Stiletto Platform Boots Fashion Red Black High Heels Over-The-Knee Women Boots Red OeToOE
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JIEEME Ladies Winter Zip Stiletto Platform Boots Fashion Red Black High Heels Over-The-Knee Women Boots Red OeToOE JIEEME Ladies Winter Zip Stiletto Platform Boots Fashion Red Black High Heels Over-The-Knee Women Boots Red OeToOE JIEEME Ladies Winter Zip Stiletto Platform Boots Fashion Red Black High Heels Over-The-Knee Women Boots Red OeToOE

Talent Resources


What you do in the job?

A Producer/Director in Network Television (Nationwide terrestrial programmes) takes an idea and delivers the programme, usually leading a team of people, and working to a series producer.

The following comes from a - and indicates the tough demands for the position of PD on a network television programme. Communications skills, as we emphasise on StartinTV, are key... and this is a valuable summary.

What qualities are required?

To contribute to the output of General Factual by working as part of a production team and taking responsibility for specific programmes or sections of programmes. Working closely with the Editor/Series Producer, the producer is responsible for delivering programmes or films on time, to budget and to the highest quality. 1. Identify and select stories for films and programmes in a way which demonstrates strong journalistic skills and editorial judgement. 2. To creatively define the mood and personality of a film, carefully crafting stories that will resonate with a wider audience. 3. Visually drive the films, both in terms of style and structure, encouraging innovation but always working within BBC editorial guidelines 4. Lead and motivate Assistant Producers and Researchers, ensuring they have clear and realistic objectives, consistent with BBC Values. Give clear briefings, monitor performance, give constructive feedback, lead by example and treat team with consideration despite pressure of deadlines 5. Work closely with presenters where appropriate, ensuring they are properly briefed, and involving them in the editorial process, including scripting shows. 6. Working closely with the production manager, ensure every aspect of production is carefully planned so that filming and editing schedules ensure maximum productivity and programmes come in on budget. 1. Wide ranging knowledge of television production processes and a track record of creative programming, 2. including film making, and experience of helping to shape other peoples' films in editing. Experience of working on popular and primetime shows is essential. 3. Substantial experience of self-shooting desirable, making 30 minute programmes and working with a range of DV cameras. A technical and editorial understanding of lighting and sound issues would be useful. 4. Effective negotiating and management skills; experience of leading and motivating teams, and encouraging and developing production staff. 5. Evidence of interpersonal and communication skills strong enough to establish credibility with colleagues and top flight presenters and to foster strong working relationships with a wide range of people inside and outside the BBC. 6. Enough resilience and stamina to sustain performance when under pressure. Ability to cope with a huge volume of programme material, all of which must be thoroughly researched and investigated to ensure absolute accuracy and good judgement. Proven qualities of adaptability and flexibility in coping with rapidly changing circumstances and ability to prioritise and exercise excellent editorial judgement as circumstances change. 7. Ability to generate creative ideas and to think strategically about new programme ideas and an innovative approach to programme making. Awareness of popular factual output across all channels. 8. Experience of reconciling artistic aspiration with financial constraint, of planning and revising production budgets and schedules and delivering programmes on time and to budget. 9. Thorough knowledge of BBC Producer's Guidelines, production hazards and Health Safety regulations and legal issues relating to investigative journalism. 10. Able to direct to a high standard and fast turnaround. 11. Excellent scripting and narrative skills.

Demonstrates original and imaginative ideas.

Is able to transform original or unusual ideas/impulses into practical reality.

Can look at existing situations and problems in novel ways and come up with innovative solutions.

Communicates ideas and information clearly and concisely.

Listens to, understands and interprets information/instructions correctly.

Able to get ones message clearly understood by adopting a range of styles, tools and techniques appropriate to the audience and the nature of the information.

Can identify key influencers in the organisation.

Can adopt a range of strategies and styles of influencing depending on circumstances.

Constantly develops and expands own sources of influence.

Anticipates and provides sound arguments to support ideas/actions/initiative.

Has an ability to establish rapport quickly and effectively with new people/contacts.

Takes care to maintain and develop existing relationships.

Works harmoniously with a wide range of people and deals sensitively with contributors as well as with colleagues.

Understands the demands and pressures of others.

Give staff a clear sense of direction and purpose.

Creates a sense of responsibility amongst staff.

Creates and environment in which people support each other.

Gathers relevant information from a range of sources.

Demonstrates a full understanding and knowledge of sources and research methodology.

Sifts information and selects what is significant.

Translates analysis into practical action plans.

Thinks clearly and decisively, particularly when faced with unexpected problems.

Has confidence on own judgement whilst knowing when to refer to a more senior level Logically weighs up factors in order to make rational decisions;

Maintains responsibility for own decisions.

Prioritises and plans activities taking into account all relevant issues such as deadlines, staffing and resources.

Is able to integrate all known factors into the planning process.

Can maintain personal effectiveness by managing own emotions in the face of pressure, set backs or when dealing with provocative situations.

Can demonstrate an approach to work that is characterised by commitment, motivation and energy.

How you start and where you can go with it?

A Producer/Director may move on to Series Producing, and Executive Producing, or may move on to more interesting and demanding programmes as a PD.

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| Products | Socially Curious and Curiously Social: A Social Thinking Guidebook for Bright Teens Young Adults

Socially Curious and Curiously Social: A Social Thinking Guidebook for Bright Teens Young Adults

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Interior pages

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This anime-illustrated detailed guidebook helps teens and young adults with social thinking as they sail the stormy seas of dating, texting, lies everyday relationships. ‪Parents‬, ‪educators‬, ‪‎therapists‬ will benefit from this guidebook as well and consider it a valuable resource to help young adults navigate social interactions.

New in the 2011 Edition

Why this Book is a "Breakthrough"

The anime-illustrated guidebook is written in the language of teens, as a “get real” discussion about what really goes on inside the minds of people when we share space together. Adults also use the book to use with students and to learn about and help discuss and unravel the social-emotional world of the students we're working with.

Many practical strategies help the reader figure out what impression they are making on others, how this affects their own emotions and what they could work on to make living in the increasingly complex social world more personally rewarding. Who doesn’t think they could improve in these skills and improve their casual to more complex relationships?

From discussing the “ins and outs” of what it means to be a “Social Thinker” and use related social skills, to figuring out texting, dating, the many different levels of friendship and the many and varied emotions we experience as we relate to others, the authors describe the real world of being with other people. This includes knowing how to sometimes just "fake it” better! The authors are not trying to get every reader to find a group to hang out with; instead, they are providing information to help each person find his or her place and be appreciated by others at whatever level he or she feels comfortable with.

Parents, teachers, counselors, other caregivers and even siblings may also find this book compelling, as it provides some “ah ha” moments that encourage a deeper discussion with these older kids about the social world. While we all work on improving our communication skills, few of us know how to talk about the social mind and how to cope in our very social world of the classroom, hanging out, holding a job, chatting on the Internet, texting and whatever the future holds.

Social Fortune or Social Fate: A Social Thinking Graphic Novel Map for Social Quest Seekers

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Mathematics is known for its resolute commitment to precision in definitions and statements. However, when words are pulled from the English language and given rigid mathematical definitions, the connotations and colloquial use outside of mathematics still remain. This can lead to immutable mathematical termsbeing used interchangeably, even though the mathematical definitions are not equivalent. This occurs frequently in probability and statistics, particularly with the notion of uncorrelated and independent . We will focus this post on the exact meaning of both of these words, and how they are related but not equivalent.

First, we will give the formal definition of independence:

Definition ( Independence of Random Variables) .

Two random variables X X X and Y Y Y are independent if the joint probability distribution P ( X , Y ) P(X, Y) P ( X , Y ) can be written as the product of the two individual distributions. That is,

Essentially this means that the joint probability of the random variables X X X and Y Y Y together are actually separable into the product of their individual probabilities. Here are some other equivalent definitions:

This first alternative definition states that the probability of any outcome of X X X and any outcome of Y Y Y occurring simultaneously is the product of those individual probabilities.

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